4-H Means Business— Youth learn the skills needed to start, market, and run a small business.


4-H Performing Arts Club– Youth will learn the skills need to prepare for and present a performance in front of a live audience.


“Happy Tails” Dog Club—Youth learn dog care, obedience, confirmation, showmanship and participate in clinics and shows.


“Outriders” Horse Club—Members learn how to raise and show horses and participate in parades, shows and trail rides.


Goat Club—Members learn how to select, raise, feed, show and market goats.


Livestock Club—4-Hers learn how to select, raise, feed, show and market beef & dairy cattle, swine, sheep and goats.


Poultry/Rabbit Club– 4-Hers learn how to select, raise, and show Rabbit and Poultry animals.


Sewing Club—Youth learn how to construct clothing and non-clothing items from patterns and participate in a fashion revue.


Shooting Sports Education Club—Members learn about firearms and archery, shooting safety, and participate in target shooting.


Sport Fishing Club—Youth learn how to select the proper rod, reel and lures, investigate fish habitats, and fish as a group at local fishing holes.


Cooking—Youth learn food safety, nutrition, storage, preservation, and how to prepare meals for themselves and their families.


Country Ham—Youth explore the process of selecting and curing a country ham.  Educational meetings include tours to local farms and businesses where youth can observe the market to market process.


Electric—4-Her’s learn the process of how electricity is produced and transferred to your home and explore careers in the energy field.


Natural Resources—Youth are introduced to Kentucky’s diverse natural resources with topics that include entomology, forestry, and geology.  Members participate in the Kentucky Junior Forestry Field Day.


Needlework—Members learn how to crochet, cross-stitch, embroider, knit, & quilt.


Photography—4-Her’s learn the basics of photography including camera selection, taking photos of people, places, things, and how to select quality prints.


Scrapbooking—Members learn how to select photos, memorabilia, albums, and design to create a scrapbook to remember an event, activity, person, or experience. 


Small Engines—4-Her’s learn how to use, maintain, repair, and rebuild a small engine to use at the home, business, or farm. 


Woodworking—Youth learn how to build a project from a kit or design their own.  Topics include tool and equipment use and safety, wood selection, and wood finishing.